DIY Rounded Pink Headboard

Today’s post is extra exciting because we are collabing with one of our fave fellow Torontonians, Letitia Kiu! She’s a lifestyle/fashion/diy YouTuber (check her out here!). Letitia contacted us with a bit of a design problem, she fell in love with a pink plush headboard from West Elm (check it out here) but it was WAY too expensive. That’s where we come in! While Letitia makes over her room, we headed to the loft to DIY this headboard! 



  • 3/8th inch plywood - ~ $15 CAD

  • 3 inch foam - ~ $62 CAD

  • Fabric - ~ $40 CAD

  • Stuffing - ~ $15 CAD


  • Jigsaw

  • Pencil

  • Power sander OR sand paper

The first step in making this headboard is starting with the base! To create a base we are grabbing a piece of 3/8th inch plywood. For this wood, you can go ahead and grab whatever the cheapest plywood your hardware store has. This plywood doesn’t have to look nice, as we’ll never see it in the final diy! My piece of plywood was a 4x8 piece (which is pretty standard), but I got the employees at the hardware store to cut it down to 65” by 29”! Time to cut out the curved shape of the headboard.  To make this shape, we went ahead and found the centre of the wood using some measuring tape, made a mark, and drew a slightly curved line to the side of the board. Only do this on one side for now. We then used a jigsaw to cut out this shape! Then, we used the piece of wood we cut off as a stencil, flipping it over and tracing the curved shape on the other side. Again, trace with pencil and cut with a jigsaw! This will ensure you have a matching curve! Once this was all cut out, we gave everything a nice sand to smooth everything up!


Time to add the foamy bit! We picked up some three inch foam from the fabric store. We got a piece of foam cut to 65” by 29”. Next, we went ahead and layed the piece of plywood on top of the foam, and traced the same shape onto the foam! We then cut the shape out using an exacto knife!


Time to attach the wood to the foam. To do this, we added dots of construction adhesive to the foam and wood, and pressed the pieces together holding for about five minutes.


Time to add some fabric! Start by tracing the exact shape of the headboard (with a little bit of extra room for hem) onto your fabric and cut this out. We used a really soft pink faux velvet. Then, we went ahead and cut out two long strips that are about 5 inches wide and long enough to wrap around your entire shape, and cut this out. Next, we went ahead and pinned and sewed this long strip to the curved shape, and sewed in place! Let’s put this aside and move on!

We grabbed some thin quilt batting and wrapped this around the wood and foam shape, stapling it to the back plywood.


The next step is to place the pink fabric over the shape. To make sure the fabric is super smooth other the foam, we started by pulling the fabric tight behind the headboard and stapling only in key places to hold the basic shape. We flipped the headboard right side up to make sure there weren’t any obvious folds or creases. We kept doing this, stapling and checking, until the fabric was secure. Something else to make sure of is that the front seam of the headboard was lined up with the front edge of the foam! Once you get to the bottom corner, fold the extra fabric from your strips under the bottom edge of the fabric to create a smooth corner, and staple in place! We finished off the headboard by adding some picture hanging hooks to the back!


To hang to the wall, simply add two nails into the wall and hang the headboard!


Be sure to check out ours and Letitia’s videos below! If you make this headboard, send us pics using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad!

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