DIY Record Stand

We got a DM from one of our subscribers asking us to make this incredible record stand, and we decided to take on the challenge!


Becky started by cutting the ½ inch plywood into four pieces, one to 17”, the second one 12”, the third one to 31”, and the fourth one to 6”. She went ahead and cut all of these pieces out with a circular saw. For the fifth piece, we need to cut this at a slight angle. First, we are going to mark 12 ¾ inches on our piece of wood. Make sure to mark your measurements about an inch in from the outside edge of the wood to allow for space for our angled cut. Set your power saw to a 20 degree angle and cut both of your sides to be on the same 20 degree angle.


Time to wood glue and nail everything together! A really great tip to make putting this together easier is to first put down your wood glue, then add some nails into the piece of wood after the glue. Next, go ahead and use some strong wire cutters to cut the head of the nail off. This reveals the sharp part of the nail and acts as a sort of staple to hold the wood in place while you flip the piece over and add your extra nails to the other side. The process is easiest with extra hands, and things like cans to hold up the structure while it dries.


Once everything is dry, give the structure a really nice sand. Time to add out legs! We grabbed some 12” hairpin legs (you can check out some here). We simply screwed them into the bottom of the record stand! Our final step is to give the stand a stain!


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