Need a gift for a Secret Santa or maybe for a co-worker you don’t know that well? These funny and cute gift ideas can all be made with dollar store items! We’ve made some customs labels for all of the ideas which will be linked below. Feel free to get creative with your own style though!

All the templates can be downloaded here & here!

  1. Melted Snowman Water bottle
    • melted snowman printable label
    • bottle of water
  2. Reindeer Noses Candy bag
    • Reindeer noses printable label
    • Clear candy bag
    • Round milk chocolates (Maltesers work great!)
    • Red round candy (We used a gumball)
  3. Stress Relief Package
    • Stress relief printable label
    • Bubble wrap
  4. Happy Holidays and a Chappy New Year Chapstick
    • Chappy New Year printable card
    • Chapstick

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