House plants are making a major come back and the spotlight’s on all thinks palm, cacti, and succulent. While they may look gorgeous in countless Pinterest room decor photos, sometimes these warmth loving plants might be hard to find and keep alive in colder countries. After many attempts and trips to the drawing board, we’ve come up with a super easy way to make your own pretty convincing palm and philodendron plants. Of course if you were to examine them up close you can tell they aren’t garden center worthy, but hey, for a zero maintenance, kill proof plant, we think they’re worth it!

*exciting announcement time!!*

You requested it, and we made it happen! The Sorry Girls official DIY kits are here!
We realize that DIYing outside of a large city can sometimes be tricky and we also hate to waste extra materials we are sometimes left with after a project.
The solution to these two problems created an exciting new venture we’re so happy to announce!
The first ever round of DIY kits is the palm leaf kit to this very tutorial.
The kit comes with everything you need to make your very own palm leaves and saves you trips to multiple supply stores (some of which may even be hard to find in your area)

To get your own kit visit the shop page or click here
(hurry! They’re only available for a limited time!)


On to the tutorial!

Difficulty:  ✂

– 14 Gauge Wire
– Garden Tape
– 1/4 Meter of Green Fabric (per 5 leaves)
– Dry Foam
– Rocks / Stones
– Mod Podge
– These Templates:
diy philodendron
Palm Leaf Template pt.1
Palm Leaf Template pt.2

– Scissors
– Wire Cutters
– Glue Gun
– Paint Brush

Make sure to check out the video for full instructions and even more information on the DIY Kits!

As always, if you make this DIY tag us on instagram @thesorrygirlsdiy or use the hashtag #thesorrygirls for a chance to be featured!

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