We’re totally noticed that you guys loved the DIY Neon Sign video we did last year, that video has tons of views and lots of you recreate that DIY all of the time! We thought we would do it again, but with different techniques and different shapes.

Difficulty: ✂

Cost: $15-$20


Flamingo - 5 ft EL wire (pink), 6 ft of thicker metal wire (pink), paper, super glue, cement, old disposable container.

Monstera: 16.5 ft EL wire (green), foam core, green paint, super glue, picture frame hanger.

Feels - thicker metal wire, 15 ft fairy lights


Flamingo - Template, Pencil, Exacto knife, sanding paper.

Monstera - Template, Exacto knife.

Feels - Template, wire cutters. 



The first sign we’re going to make is really cool, because it stands up on it’s own and doesn’t need to be hung or leaned on something!


The easiest way to tackle this DIY is to trace out the shape that you want first on some paper before shaping your thicker wire. If you don’t want to trace your own, we’ve got your back (click here for the flamingo template). The key to the shape is to make it all one line, so that the wire easily forms the shape!

Next, take your thicker metal wire and trace the shape, bending it so that it holds the shape on it’s own. The next step is to take some super glue and glue the EL wire to the shape we have already created! Tuck all unused wire at the bottom of the flamingo. Next we are going to mix some cement. Always follow the directions on your cement packaging, but the goal is to create a peanut butter consistency with the cement. Next we picked up a plastic container from the recycling, and cut a small hole at the bottom of the container. Unplug your EL wire from it’s battery box, and slide the wire through the hole, connecting it back into the box on the other side. Pull the wire through until the flamingo is sitting nicely in the container, and tape the hole for the wire to ensure that cement does not seep through. Pour the cement in, and let dry!

Once dry, peel the plastic away (we used an Exacto knife to help us out) and sand the cement to smooth away any rough edges!



Start by grabbing a piece of white foam core. Trace your own shape onto the core or use our template to make the exact shape we made! Once the shape is traced, use an Exacto knife to cut the shape out.


Next, paint the leaf with some green paint.


Taking your bright green EL wire, use some superglue to glue the wire around the shape of the leaf. We had some extra wire, and so we went around the back of the leaf and outlined the holes in the shape as well.

When you’re done outlining, bring the wire to the back of the leaf and glue down the battery pack to the back of the leaf. Make sure to not glue the pack shut, so that you can change out the batteries. We then glued a picture hanging hook to the back of the battery pack to make it easier to hang!



Start off by writing your word of choice out onto a piece of paper, if you want to use the word feels check out the template here. Any words that don’t contain letters that cross or dot will be easiest.

This is a great option if you don’t want to use EL wire, because fairy lights are super easy to find! Start by taking a thicker metal wire and using your template, shape the wire into the word. Next, wrap your fairy lights around the shape you’ve created with the metal wire. When you’re done, use some wire cutters to trim any excess wire. And we’re done! What word would you guys create?

Check out the video below for video instructions and use the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad to send us your neon sign recreations!

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