We all love making neon signs (we’ve established this… check out the original neon sign video and the 2017 version), soo this time we’ve decided to do a holiday edition! If you’re craving more holiday DIY content, click here! Alright! Let’s get started! 


This first one is a fun way to make a holiday prop neon! So, we’re going to show you how to make a neon giant candy cane!


You Will Need

We decided to wrap the EL wire along the candy cane where the white meets the red in the design. Moving in small sections at a time, we superglued the wire into place!


Once you get to the end of the candy cane, go ahead and either tuck a loop of the wire into the hollow end or (if it’s not hollow) make a clean ‘U’ shape and continue back down the candy cane. We went ahead and followed the other white and red border all the way back down the candy cane. Once you reach the end of the candy cane, go ahead and stuff the rest of the wire inside.

There are multiple fun ways that we can use this candy cane! One thing we would not recommend using it for is lawn decor, because the battery pack on the EL wire is not waterproof. We DO recommend using it for party decor, photo booth props, or any other indoor fun! (Let us know what you would use this for on Twitter!!)



Do you know somebody that can’t have a real Christmas tree this season (or even a really big tree)? Then this DIY is for them! Make this adorable little neon christmas tree.

You Will Need

First draw or print an outline of a pine tree! You can find our template for this here! When choosing your wire, try going to the hardware store and trying out different types of wire to see which one is sturdy and bendable. We went with this 12 gauge electrical wire. Use the wire to trace over your template, making sure there is a little bit of extra wire on the bottom of the tree. We’re going to use this little bit of extra to stick our tree into a cute little pot! Next comes our EL wire. Start at the end of the wire closest to the battery pack, and again in small sections use the superglue to trace the entire shape you’ve made with your wire. Once you get to the end of the wire, go ahead and snip the end and add the wire cap from the very end of your wire piece to this new cut (this will prevent any electrical issues). Always be sure to cut EL wire on the side farthest from the battery pack.


Next, chop your floral foam to fit into your pot and to leave enough space to fit the battery pack from your EL wire inside as well. Bend and play with the base of your tree until it fits the way that you want inside of the pot. Be sure to leave the end of the battery pack with the button near the top of the pot to make turning your beautiful creation on and off easy. To cover up the floral foam, we added some faux snow! You can also use wood chips or rocks to cover up this foam!

You can totally use this technique for other plant shapes (erm… cactus’). We have definitely seen that one floating around the internet (if you make one send us a pic using #SorryGirlsSquad on Instagram!).


lit up antlers

Our last one is our lit up antlers! We’re basically taking your basic antler wall decor piece and making it neon (and 100% more cool)! The best part about this DIY is that it looks totally sweet not lit up as well!


You Will Need


Start by printing out the template here. Use the electrical wire to trace the antler shape on the template. Make sure you trace your two antlers on the same piece of wire (you can do this by tracing your one antler, and flipping over the template to the other end of the wire to trace the second antler). Next cut out the plaque for the middle of the antlers (using our template) out of some foam core. Join the two ends of the antlers using some sturdy clear tape! Use an awl (or another sharp object) to poke two holes on each of the four corners of the plaque. Next, thread some clear fishing wire through the tiny holes you made previously with the awl, and tie your wire antlers to the plaque.


Next, poke an additional hole in the middle of the plaque to thread your EL wire through. Use superglue to attach the EL wire to the wire antlers. Once you make it to the end, cut off any extra EL wire (adding the EL cap to the new end). (Check out this neon sign DIY to learn how to hang this with a picture hook).


And that’s it! Check us out on Instagram (@thesorrygirls), and send us your neon signs using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad.

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