This DIY is one of those pieces that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. I fell in LOVE with this floating minimal night stand while browsing online stores and had to figure out how to DIY it (spoiler: it’s so so easy).

Difficulty:  ✂

Cost: $10-$15


  • C-Hook
  • Poly-cotton blend rope
  • Tray/wood


  • Drill
  • Wood drill bit

We started by choosing a wood drill bit that was the same size, or slightly bigger than, the rope you chose. We are going to drill four holes into each corner of our thrifted wooden tray. If you are using something that is a different shape, go ahead and adjust the amount of holes you drill. We want the holes to be fairly close to each corner to maximize tabletop space! Measure and mark where your holes will go, and drill! Make sure to drill into some scrap wood as to not ruin the surface underneath.


Next it’s time to attach the rope! We know that we want the table to hang approx. 6 feet from the ceiling, but we’ll give ourselves 7 feet to be on the safe side. We then cut two 14 foot pieces of rope, put the rope pieces together in the middle, and tied them together in a knot. We then threaded one end of each rope through each hole and secured them with a knot.

We then painted the screw hook white so that it blended into the ceiling. To hang, we found a stud in the ceiling and drilled a hole. The studs in Becky’s ceiling are about 16 inches out from the wall. We drilled a hole into the ceiling and inserted a screw hook. We hung our hanging side table, adjusting rope as needed to level out the table.


And you’re done! We would LOVE to see what you guys come up with, so please tag us in your photos using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Check out the video for this DIY below!