DIY Industrial Glass Wall!

Our friend Wendy (of With Wendy) gave us a call and asked us to help her DIY this AMAZING metal and glass room divider. To save money and make it much lighter, we decided to make it out of plexiglass and wood! It was pretty complex to make, but here’s generally how we did it.



We started by cutting a piece for the bottom and the top of the structure, measuring the width that we’d like the final panel. Then we laid down our vertical pieces of wood, evenly spaced between the top and bottom pieces. We then screwed the vertical pieces into the horizontal pieces. Next, go ahead and paint the whole frame a matte black to mimic the look of metal. Time to add the plexi glass! We laid the plexiglass on top of the wood frame and drilled small pilot holes into the plexi before drilling screws into the frame to hold everything in place. Mounting them to the wall is going to be different in every space, but we used a combination of screws, wall plugs, and L-brackets to secure everything to the wall!



We’re so happy with how this turned out, if you’d like to see the video version of what we did, check out the link below! Thanks for reading! 

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