These leather floor poufs are taking over the design world. We had our hand at trying out an affordable DIY version and we’re in love with the result! Plus the nostalgic magic of playing with bean bag material again is an added plus!

Cost:$20 – $50 (dependent on fabric choice)


– 1 m of faux leather fabric
– Embroidery Thread and Needle
– Bean Bag Filler (available here!)
– This Template

– Fabric Scissors
– Sewing Machine
– Pins

Cut out the template linked above and then trace this shape onto your fabric 10 times. Cut out each piece. Once you have all 10 pieces, we’re ready to start assembling. Start with two pieces and lay them together with the bad sides facing out. Pin two of the edges together. You can flip open your pieces and add a third one on again by lining up the two edges with the bad sides facing out. Take this to your sewing machine and sew up both pinned edges. After that’s complete, continue to pin on the rest of your pieces, adding each new piece to the edge of your previous one and sewing it up. When you come to your last piece pin together the front and end piece. Leave a few inches at the top unsewn. This will make it easier to flip inside out when you’re done.


Now with your sphere right way around, add in a piece of scrap fabric into the bottom to temporarily cover the opening. We’re going to add on nice end pieces when we’re finished. To fill our pouf, we’re using bean bag filler, or mini Styrofoam balls. We have a link below to where you can get this. Carefully start to pour this into your pouf shell. This was a bit messier than we expected so we ended up creating a funnel out of some rolled up card to help the filler go in easier. Periodically you’ll want to pick up and shake the pouf to help the filler settle into the bottom and sides easier. You’ll want to fill this as full as possible.


Next using a needle and thread, tightly sew up the top opening. You can do this by stitching back and forth between the tips of the sidepieces. Make sure it’s sewn well enough so that no filler can escape. Don’t worry about it looking pretty at this point. Flip the pouf over and sew up the other opening the same way.

As a final step, we’re going to add on pretty end pieces to cover the two openings. We used a bowl, but use any circular object you have to trace two circles onto the rest of your fabric. Because we want the stitches here to look intentional, we’re switching to thicker embroidery thread as opposed to regular sewing thread. Place one of your circles on the top of the pouf and stich large even stitches around the circle. Knot and cut the thread and then flip the pouf over and add on the second circle in the same way. And now your floor pouf is complete!

Make sure to watch the video below for more detailed instructions!

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