Floor pillows are the perfect chill decor accessory for any boho style room. They make for easy extra seating as well without having to take up space with a full chair! I’ll know i’ll be making more of these for when I throw that family style dinner party!

Cost:$20 – $50 (dependent on fabric choice)


– 1 m of faux suede fabric
– Pillow Stuffing (3 bags)

– Fabric Scissors
– Sewing Machine
– Needle and Thread
– Pins
– Ruler
– Sewing Pencil

Start by measuring and cutting two 25” by 25” squares out of the fabric. To make the shape more 3D, we cut out 6” tall “side” pieces to go around the floor pillow. If you have enough fabric, this ideally would be one long piece (for example, 6” by 100”) but instead, we are going to have four 26” by 6” pieces. We added half an inch seam allowance on the ends of each side piece so that they are the right length when we sew them all together!

Take some pins and pin the good sides of the short edges together so that they make a complete square. Take this to the sewing machine and sew a simple line to attach all of your side pieces together. And voila! You have a long piece that fits perfectly around your 2 large squares we cut earlier.


Back in your workspace lay out the side piece in it’s square shape and bring in one of your square pieces. Line up the seams of the side piece with the corners of the square. Pin the good sides together starting at the corner and work around so that your side pieces are pinned to your square piece. Take that to the sewing machine and get sewing!


Once that’s sewn we should have a box shape starting. We are then going to repeat that process with the remaining square piece, pinning and sewing all the way around. This time make sure to leave a gap so that we can stuff the floor pillow with stuffing.

After the sewings done, flip your pillow shell inside out. Time to make it rain stuffing! We ended up using around 3 bags of pillow stuffing to fill the pillow but this will entirely depend on how big you decide to make your floor pillow. Once full, use a blind stitch to close up the gap. With a needle and thread, stitch up the fabric from the inside of the pillow so you don’t see your stitches.

Now the base of our floor pillow is complete, its time to add in the detail stitches to make this really come to life. The first steps are to add in some gathers in the middle of the pillow to create some tufts. Use a ruler to space out some dots where the gathers will go. We added one directly in the centre and then 4 around it about 7 inches in from each side. Because we’ve made our pillow fairly thick, you’ll need a long needle for this. Tie a knot in the end of your thread and then stick your needle through the pillow at one of your dots and then come out the other side. Go back and forth, pulling your thread tightly to create gather in the pillow. Knot off the thread and repeat for all of the other dots. The last step is to add a tufted edge around the pillow. With your needle and thread, we’re going to be gathering the top and side together around the entire edge of the pillow. Go in the top of the pillow about an inch out from the edge and then bring the needle out on the side about an inch down from the top. Stitch your needle back in slightly to the side and come back up again about an inch out from the top. Again move over to the side slightly and stitch back down and out the side. Pull the thread tightly and you should see a tufted edge starting to form. Tie a knot in the thread periodically to make sure you don’t end up loosing the tension you’ve started to create or incase your thread breaks from pulling to hard.

Repeat this process all the way around the top edge. Once that’s done, flip over the pillow and repeat the edge gather again on this side. And your floor pillow is complete!

Make sure to watch the video below for more detailed instructions!

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