As you may know if you watched our DIY Faux Brick Wall video, we decided to make this wall as a creative solution. In my bedroom makeover we know that we wanted some sort of accent wall. BUT our problems were as follows:
– I rent so we couldn’t do anything permanent or invasive
– The walls have a texture so a decal or any kind of sticker wouldn’t stick
– Did not want to spend lots of money

This is my favourite part, coming up with creative solutions. We realized that we are going to have to put up large panels since we can’t paint or stick anything onto the walls. We looked into faux brick panels from the hardware store but those were going to run us $50 a pop and we would need 5 for the one wall as well as multiple coats of white paint to cover the brick colour.

When we did research there were some really cool things you could do with plaster to make a brick wall effect. But that’s not something we can pick up and move when my lease is up. More research revealed using Styrofoam to create the brick effect works out pretty well. After we got our hands on some Styrofoam isolation and the plastic welding tool we were off to the races. The materials and tools list is below and of course we breakdown the steps in our video tutorial.

Cost: Depends how many panels, but approximately $50 for one small wall
Difficulty:  ✂ ✂

– Styrofoam insulation
– Pencil
– Piece of wood (2 x 4)
– acrylic or latex interior paint

plastic welding kit
– saw
– utility knife


Make sure to watch the video for full instructions!

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