If you haven’t heard, there is a new Disney Princess in town! Okay. Maybe? We don’t know… as of writing this blog post we aren’t exactly sure if she is a Princess but we do know that we are STOKED for this movie. Below is how we made Moana’s outfit from the new movie… MOANA.

– 1m of linen peachy/ red fabric
– 1m white/ cream fabric
– download this free template! (for skirt and shirt design)– seashell necklace (2 or a long one)
– cherry red paint
– yellow paint
– grass skirt
– triangle trim
– velcro
– hemp/ twine
– fishing wire
– 8 pears
– white oval pendant
– blue paint
– brown marker
– wig if needed

– sewing machine
– fabric scissors
– scissors
– hot glue gun
– paint brush


The Top

For her top we bought 1 m of this linen orange peach fabric. We cut out a rectangle that is 36 x 18 inches. You’ll want to make this longer for larger busts. To add on the scallops, dot out points 1.5 inches along to help you create an even pattern. Cut out the scallop by cutting up to one dot and then down to the other until you cut all the way across. Hem up the sides but make sure to fold the top hem in the opposite direction because we’ll be flipping this over afterwards. For the scallops we opted to simply sew beside the edge to keep it from fraying instead of folding and hemming because it’s a lot easier and we don’t need this top to hold up forever.

Now that that’s all done, it’s time to add on our custom print. Start with some freezer paper and cut out 10 little starbursts. Make sure you download the template for that here. To learn more about using freezer paper as a stencil watch this video here. Once they’re all ironed on, add a strip of tape below, above, and through the middle. Using some dark brownish red paint, paint over the stencil. Next we added some vertical and horizontal lines as well as some flowers made of lines. Take a look at the reference photo we linked below to help you out with this. To add on the shell trim, we picked up this shell necklace from the thrift store. We cut it up into smaller bits and then glued them in a line along the top folded bit of the fabric.

The Skirt

For the skirt, the bottom layer is essentially a grass skirt so we’re going to start with how to make the top layer. We’re using a meter of canvas like material. Fold over the top about 8 inches and then hem the entire piece. Like the top, you’ll need to fold the hem in two different directions so that you see a clean edge on folded edge and main piece. For the trim, we picked up this old-fashioned crocheted table runner that had a similar edge to Moana’s. We cut the trim off and then glued it onto the edges of the skirt cover. Cut out triangles from a lace like fabric if you can’t find something like this. To add on the yellow flowers download the free template we made for you and then cut that out of foam to use as a stencil. Using some yellow paint, repeat the stencil all the way across the fabric.


She also has a sash belt that we made out of our extra peach fabric, approximately 12 inches by 40 inches. Hem the entire thing and then paint one some matching dots, lines, and flowers like we did for the top.

Now that all the skirt pieces are made, put your grass skirt on first, followed by the white top layer, and lastly tie on the sash.

For her necklace, we were lucky enough to find a white pendant at the thrift store that was similar to the shape we wanted. We then used some blue paint to colour in ¾ of it on a curved angle. If you don’t have something like this you could easily make it out of foam. For the shell detail at the top, we used a brown marker to draw on some wave details. For the cord, we used some twine rope and some fishing wire since our pearl beads wouldn’t fit on the twine. Start by knotting two long pieces of twine together with one piece of fishing wire as long as you want your necklace. Make sure the twine is significantly longer. We’re creating a braided effect by gathering the wire with one of the twine pieces and tying knots.  Knotting in the same direction will create a staircase effect around the twine. Periodically down the necklace we’re stringing a pearl onto the wire and then continuing the knots around it. We added 4 pearls and then our blue and white charm. Continue your knots and slip on the last 4 pearls and your necklace is finished!

To replicate her super thick hair, we’re using this long brown lace front wig generously given to us by! We love how full and soft it is!

Make sure that you check out the video below for all the visual elements that go with this blog post (we started making videos on YouTube and then expanded over here! If you have any questions you can tweet us (@TheSorryGirls) or tag us on instagram #TheSorryGirls or @TheSorryGirlsDIY!

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