There’s nothing that gets Kelsey and I more frustrated than seeing an over priced item, especially when it’s the number one fashion item of the season! Blanket scarves in all their glory are essentially just a square of fabric. We took it upon ourselves to see how hard it would be to transition a piece of material from fabric store to runway ready (hint, it’s not!)


Watch the video below for full details on how to create your own super simple and affordable, blanket scarf!

Cost: $5 – $10

Difficulty:  ✂

– 1.5 Yards of thick knit fabric (make sure it frays!)

– Fabric scissors

Make sure to watch the video for full instructions!

If you make this DIY or anything else be sure to tag us (@thesorrygirlsdiy on instagram) or #thesorrygirls so we can see it and maybe even repost. We love seeing what you guys come up with!

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