Blanket ladders are an amazing way to store your blankets and show them off at the same time. Sometimes couches can get weighed down with a million blankets so why not tidy up while gaining some awesome room décor at the same time? This blanket ladder takes a bit of time but is super rewarding. Don’t forget, it’s not a real ladder! No climbing folks. Don’t have enough stylin’ blankets to hang? We got you with a super easy customizable blanket as well! Add your favourite colours and quotes to make an amazing birthday or baby shower or anytime gift. More info below! What movie pairs best with cuddles under a blanket? Let us know below!


Cost: $30 – $40

Difficulty:  ✂ ✂ ✂

– 2 (3.5 x .5 in) planks of wood cut to 6 feet each
– 4 (2.5 x .5 in) planks of wood cut to 14 inches each
– Wood Stain
– Polyurethane Varnish
– Wood Nails
– Plain White Blanket
– Chalk
– Thick Wool
– Thread

– Sand Paper
– Saw (or get the hardware store to cut wood for you!)
– Paint Brush
– Staining Cloth
– Ruler
– Wool Sewing Needle
– Regular Needle

Check out the video below for detailed instructions!

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