How are we going to use a crystal, plastic container, PVC cap, and a selfie light to make a lamp?! Let’s find out.

Hello everyone! Kelsey here alone today. We have recently been super inspired by himalayan salt lamps, and also I’ve been seeing these really cool etched glass lamps that have been super inspiring.

Kind of combining these two ideas, we are going to use this great piece of selenite to make a lamp!


A little background on what selenite is, it is a crystal named after the goddess of the moon, has body healing powers, reduces negative energy, and has telepathic abilities! (? maybe? please correct us if we’re wrong). We definitely tried out the telepathy thing...


You can pick up your very own piece of selenite at any rock/crystal stores, online (you can find one here), and we’ve even seen them at home decor stores as well!

Next, we popped over to the hardware store and grabbed a PVC cap from the plumbing aisle, making sure our crystal fit inside of the cap. We also picked up this selfie light off of Amazon (linked here). Our selfie light has a little switch on the side of the light to turn it on, so we went ahead and drilled a hole in the side of the PVC cap to make the button accessible later.


We’re going to set these pieces aside for now, and move on to the selenite. We decided to create a little inset piece of plastic to stick to the selenite so that it doesn’t wobble around in it’s base. We grabbed a standard plastic container and traced the size of the pipe cap onto it and cut it out. We later trimmed this even more so that it sit inside of the cap instead of on the edge.

Next, we sprayed our plastic with some frosted glass spray. This will diffuse the light from the selfie light and create a nice glow. While that dries, we are going to paint our PVC pipe with some gold paint.


Next, we are going to glue the selenite to the round plastic piece.

It’s time for the final assembly! Our selfie light was not completely level (because it is meant to clamp onto a smartphone), so we wedged a small clothespin into it to make it level. You can use any small piece of wood you have lying around to do this. Next we stick some removable double sided velcro to the base and the selfie light, to ensure that it doesn’t move around, but we can take it out to replace batteries when needed.


Be sure to line up the button with the hole in our PVC cap, and make the light centered within the cap. The final step is to place your crystal inside of your base!


And that’s it! We are super impressed with what we could do with some random stuff from the hardware store and online. Tweet us (@thesorrygirls) and let us know if you have any ideas of what else you could use instead of the selenite!

If you make this amazing crystal lamp, send us your pictures on instagram using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! Also be sure to check out the companion video to this blog post below! Until next time, byeee!

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