Welcome to our Cruella de Vil Halloween costume tutorial from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians! Our modern day take on this Disney villain is a combination of thrifted pieces and DIYs.


– 4 inches of faux fur black trim
– 4 inches of faux fur white trim
– chain
– jump ring
– 11 inch peice of 3/8 in wooden dowling
– black paint
– white paint
– gold paint/ paint pen
– white purse
 faux fur white jacket
– 2 yards of crimson red fabric
– long black dress
– red pointy heels
– red gloves
– black/grey/silver ombre wig
– dalmatian puppies optional 😉


– fabric scissors
– wire cutters
– saw
– hot glue gun + sticks
– needle and thread


Our first item, her fur coat, is a mix of both a thrift store purchase and a DIY. We found this faux fur coat at the thrift store for $15! The original Cruella has a red lining in her coat so we decided to add some shiny crimson red fabric to the jacket lining. We cut it to size of the two front lining panels and glued on with hot glue, making sure to fold under the edges. If you’re refinishing a proper jacket, you might want to take out the old lining and sew your new one in (using the old lining as a pattern). BUT it’s Halloween and that means working with what you’ve got, and we’ve only got so much red fabric so we did this on the sides where you would actually see the red popping out.

For her cigarette stick we are taking a piece of 3/8 inch doweling and we sawed it to 11 inches long. We taped off the end, which will later be white and gold. Paint the rest of the doweling black. Once it’s dry, tape the edge of the black portion and paint the rest white. Lastly we taped off a small area where the black met the white and used a gold paint pen to make it gold.

Instead of her “tail” purse we are making a black and white pom-pom to go on a purse (much more 2016). We took some black and white fur trim pieces and glued them together. We then made our pom pom the same way we did in our Faux Fur DIY’s video but to summarize, cut out a circle, stitch in and out around in a circle and then pull tight, stuff it with some extra trim and sew shut. We also added on a chain at this point. We added the pom pom to this cute little white purse from the thrift store. To do this, we cut the chain to length and used a jump ring to attach the chain.

To put this entire look together we added a long black dress, red pointy heels, some silky red gloves and two adorable dalmatian dogs courtesy of my (Kelsey’s) Aunt!

We teamed up with Angelina from ALBinWonderland for the makeup and wig styling for this tutorial. For the full makeup tutorial make sure you check out her video here!

Thanks for checking out this post and the video. Make sure you share your Halloween Costume by tagging us on instagram (@thesorrygirlsdiy)!

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