Since it is the winter and is VERY cold outside, we decided to bring you some DIYs to keep you cozy! We have a lantern that we DIY’d from picture frames, we have a (semi) woven basket to keep all of your cuddly blankets, and a flameless candle that is going in the lantern!

Cost: $10-$20

Difficulty:  ✂


  • Picture frames
  • Scrap wood
  • Paint
  • Wood Glue
  • Finishing nails
  • Wax candle
  • Flameless tea light
  • 3 rolls Sisal rope
  • Hot glue


  • Exacto knife
  • Hot glue gun


We’re making this amazing lantern out of dollar store picture frames. Make sure you pick up frames that are all the same size. We’ll be using the backs to form the top of the lantern so take those out. To cut out the triangles, first find the center of the frame backing on its longest side. We went 7 inches up and then connected that point to the edges to create a triangle. We cut this out with an exacto knife. Repeat this for all 4 frames. We also cut a rectangle out of some scrap wood that will serve as the base. This needs to be the size of all your frames when they are stood up forming a rectangle. We held them roughly in place with our hands to find this size. With the glass out of your frames, we painted everything white. Once it’s all painted, assemble your frames together with wood glue and small finishing nails. It’s helpful to have two hands for this. Next add on your base and glue and hammer it into place. For the roof, we used painters tape to temporarily form the pyramid shape. Flip it upside down and use hot glue to hold it all together. Remove the tape and roof is complete. Add your glass panes back inside and the lantern is finished!



Because our lantern is made of wood and cardboard, not heat friendly materials, we’re going to show you how to make a pretty convincing flameless candle. This is also great if you have pets or little ones! We picked up both this wax candle and this flameless tea light from the dollar store. Trace the size of the tea light onto the top of the candle and then carve out a place for it to sit.

Now to make it look more like a real candle; We melted down the extra wax we had carved out in some boiling water. With a hot spoon smooth out the sides. Drip the melted wax down the sides. Once it’s set, place your fake tea light inside.


To make this basket we’re using 3 rolls of Sisal rope. You could also use Jute or Hemp rope and get a similar look. This is 3/8th” rope and each roll is 50 feet long.

Start by opening up the rope and hot gluing the three ends together. Now onto the fun part of braiding each of the ropes together to form one long braided rope. Make sure to hot glue the braid together every so often so that it doesn’t accidentally come undone and lose all of your work. This took a bit longer than we thought and is definitely faster with 2 people.

 Now that you have a huge braided pile, you’ll also need a bucket or circular shape to build your basket around. Begin at one end and start to twist the rope into a flat coil on the ground. Hot glue the rope to itself as you go. Once you’ve created a flat circle as wide as the bottom of your bucket, place the bucket on upside down and add the circle on top. Start to wrap the braid around the side of the bucket and keep gluing it down as you wrap. Once your bucket is as deep as you want it. Cut the braid and glue the end down to the side of the rope basket.

We had leftover braid so we’re using it to make two handles. Cut the handles as long as you want and glue the ends closed with some hot glue. Glue the handles down the sides of your basket and it’s finished! Cozy blanket storage goals.

And that’s it! Feeling cozy already?! If you decide to make any of these please be sure to show us using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad! And please check out the video for more info on these DIYs!

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