Copper Wall Sconce!

Wall sconces can get super pricey, especially considering you usually need to buy two of them! We’re here to help.

Today we are making this SUPER trendy copper wall sconce.




  • Pipe cutter

  • Gel super glue

We started by grabbing a 3 ¼ inch copper pipe. Using a pipe cutter, we cut our pipe into a 9 inch and a 2 foot 3 inches piece. Pipe cutters are super easy to use, simply place around the pipe where you’d like to cut, tighten the clamp, and rotate the cutter. Keep tightening the clamp and turning the pipe until the two pieces come apart!

Next, we grabbed a light cord with a socket. The goal is to thread the light cord through the copper pipe, and to do this we need to take the cord apart. Start by unscrewing the plastic part that holds the lampshade to the socket. Next, if you look inside of the socket, you’ll see a small gold tab. With a tiny flathead screwdriver and while the cord is NOT plugged in, go ahead and pull the small gold tab back a bit to release it from the plastic. Pull off this plastic piece. Next, unscrew the bottom plastic piece. Finally unscrew the wires to release them! Be sure to remember which wire goes into which screw. Note that some light cords may be different than ours, but most come apart in a similar way.


Time to drill some holes! Grabbing this lovely copper bowl and a 3 ¼ inch copper cap, we are going to be drilling a hole into the middle of each. These holes should be big enough to fit the wire through. We are also going to be adding a grommet into both of these holes, so be sure the hole is just smaller than the grommet so that the grommet fits in snug. This grommet will protect the wire from becoming exposed to the wire. For the metal bowl, we found that we couldn’t drill into it with a regular metal drill bit, so we needed to grab a step drill bit. These guys can get a bit on the pricey side, BUT you may be able to find a bowl that is made of a thinner material or borrow one of these guys from a friend.

Time to thread the wire through all of our pieces! Thread it through the end cap, the long copper pipe, a 90 degree copper piece, the shorter copper pipe, another 90 degree piece, and finally the bowl. Next, go ahead and reassemble the end of the light cord. Next, glue all of the pieces together with a gel super glue. Be sure that all of the pieces sit so that the lamp is straight.


To attach to the wall, we used a couple of 3 ¼ inch tube clamps, wall plugs, and screws!


And that's it! Check out the video below for more wall sconces! If you make any, be sure to tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #SorryGirlsSquad!


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