Christmas Pottery Barn Decor for Less!

Welcome back to one of our favorite series here at The Sorry Girls, ‘That Cost How Much?!’. This is the series where we find ridiculously priced items from a store and DIY them for ourselves for cheaper! Today we are going to be DIYing some Pottery Barn holiday decor.


First up we are going to be trying to recreate this faux fur stocking from Pottery Barn. This retails on Pottery Barn for $45, and we definitely think we can make it for a lot less.


  • White faux fur (half a yard) - $11.30

  • White velvet (half a yard) - $5.30

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue - $6.00


The first step is to make the stocking shape out of the faux fur. We cut the fur into two rectangles and folded the good sides together. Make sure the fur from each piece is going in the same direction.


We pinned our two pieces together and sketched out the stocking shape with a ruler and a pencil. My shape was about 8 inches wide and 12 inches long with a little bit of an angle where the foot goes. Next, we repositioned the pins to be on the inside of the stocking shape, and cut it out with some sharp fabric scissors, leaving a bit around the edge for seam allowance.

We applied a generous amount of fabric glue to the edges of the stocking, and pressed firmly to get the two pieces to hold together.


Once everything was dry, we flipped the stocking inside out to reveal our fluffy little stocking.


The final step is going to be to add the velvet white trim along the top. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise to create one long strip. We measured the top of the stocking and doubled that number (plus a little extra) and marked that number on our long strip of fabric. We cut the fabric at this mark. We used some fabric glue to seal up the sides of the fabric that are folded together. Next we added some glue to the bottom of this fabric strip, and glued it along the inside of the stocking. Once your glue is completely dry, fold down the fabric at the top to create a nice clean top edge. Finally, we cut a small tab out of the white fabric and sewed it onto the top edge of the stocking!


OUR DIY: $22.60



Next up, we’re going to try and recreate this tin Santa sign that helps you count down the days until Christmas. The original Pottery Barn sign was a whopping $90. Crazy. Let’s DIY it.


  • Metal ducting - $5.50

  • Wire - $1.00

  • Glue Gun

  • Paint - $6.00

  • Sharpies - $4.00

  • Foam - $1.00

  • Magnet - $1.00

We are going to be grabbing some metal ducting from the hardware store. The first step is to trace the shape out onto the ducting, and cut it out using some aviation snips. Be careful with this step, the edges of the ducting can get sharp. We also went ahead and cut the corners of our shape off to better mimic the shape of the original sign.


Next we grabbed some wire from the hardware store and glued it around the border of our ducting shape. We secured this into place with our heavy duty glue gun. Next, with our glue gun still out, we added some dots of hot glue around the edge to mimic the screws on the original piece.


Next, we painted the border and a bit of the top a dark grey. Then, we went over the whole thing with a beige-ey nude colour. For the details on the top, we taped off some of the stripes that we wanted to keep grey and painted between the stripes in the same beige colour.


Time to mark out the grid on the sign! The grid we made was a 5x5 grid that had 2”x2” squares. We marked this out with a pencil, and then went over the lines with a red sharpie. For the SANTA across the top, we hand drew the letters to mimic the original font, and filled in the letters using some red paint. Next, again for the numbers we are going to be using a sharpie and mimic the font on the original sign!



OUR DIY: $18.50



Wreaths are usually pretty pricey, but this one is $112 which we think is pretty ridiculous. Let’s make it for cheaper.


  • Faux leaves - $10

  • Spray paint - $6.05

  • Scissors

  • Wreath base - $5.60

  • Green floral wire - $4.32

  • Fairy lights - $6.00

We started this DIY by heading to the dollar store and picking up some faux leaves for a total of $10. Our first step is to pick the leaves off of the stems and spray paint some of them gold and some of them green. The next step is to trim the gold leaves. The ones on the original wreath are a bit thinner than the other ones.


Time to assemble the wreath! The base of our wreath is going to be this circular twig wreath base. We then went ahead and used some floral wire to attach the leaves onto the wreath, alternating green and gold leaves as you go!


Our very final leaf is to add some lights. The original wreath has some fairy lights in it, so we grabbed some LED fairy lights from Amazon for $6.00. We wrapped it around the wreath and we are done!



OUR DIY: $38


Let us know which of the three we did the best! If you liked this blog post, check out the video below!

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