Aesthetic Chess and Checker Boards!

Welcome to day two of gift week - a week full of super easy and affordable gift ideas that you can DIY. Today we are making two super unique chess and checker boards in two completely different styles! Let’s get started!



We picked up a chess board from the thrift store that had a few pieces missing and wasn’t in the best shape. Every thrift store has these types of items - so we thought that we could find a way to upcycle them!


The first thing that we did was make some of the missing pieces out of clay! Sure, they may not be perfect, but we think that it works for this DIY! Next step was to spray paint all of the pieces to give them new life! We painted one half brown and one half green. Some other ideas we had were to use found things to act as the pieces, 3D print them, to carve them yourself if you are super skilled like that!


Time for the board, we went to the thrift store to look for a nice cutting board to use as our base with no luck. So, we hopped over to our local home store and picked up this really cool raw wood cheese board that wasn’t too pricey, so we went with that.

Time to add the grid to the wood! We made each square 2cm by 2cm. We made the grid by making 2cm dashes on each side of the board and connected them using a ruler and a pencil. Next up, we used a metal ruler and our wood burner tool to score along all of the lines we made with pencil. Take your time with this and be very careful, the wood burner gets hot!


If you don’t want to use a wood burner tool, you can use a sharpie or an inky pen! After the lines were traced out, we added slanted lines to every other square on the grid. Again, we drew this out with pencil then went over with our wood burner tool.


And that’s it! Look how beautiful!





The base of our checkerboard is going to be a marble tile! You can go to your local hardware or tile store and ask if they have any samples of marble tile! This shouldn’t be very expensive. Time to figure out how big we want the board to be!


Our standard board is going to be an 8 x 8 grid, and we are making each square 1 inch and a quarter all the way around the 8 x 8 border. We connected all of our dashes with pencil.


Next, we taped around the outside border with painters tape. Next, trace all of your lines with a gold paint pen. Use a metal ruler and trace all of your lines! Once we finished the lines, we filled in the squares to complete the checkered pattern. We used a sponge brush and some gold foil paint to do this! The board is complete!


Time for the pieces! We picked up two colours of these faux crystals from the craft store. You can find them in the jewelry aisle!

Let’s make something to help us distinguish when a piece gets knighted. We grabbed some sculpey clay and rolled them into tiny falls, them flattened them down with our hand, and then used a pencil to add a small groove that the crystal can sit in! Go ahead and bake in the oven according to package directions!

Time to play!


Check out the video below for more!

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