So we have a series we call Thrift Flip, if you didn’t know,now you do! Basically we hit our fav thrift store and let the inspiration flow. Last time we picked up these dinosaur toys in addition to our purse-to-backpack flip items. This week we took the opportunity to upcycle these once-loved toys into planters full of life!


Cost: $5 (we already had the soil and succulents, SCORE!)

Difficulty:  ✂

– utility knife
– wire cutters
– scoop of some kin (spoon etc)

– plastic hollow toy figurine (or anything really! rotary phone anyone?)
– soil
– cacti/ succulent

First step is cutting out a rectangle or oval in the back of your hollow plastic figurine. To do this we CAREFULLY used a utility knife and the help of some wire cutters.

Next we brought in our soil and started loading up little foot. Make sure the soil settles in all of the nooks and crannies.

When your figurine is almost full of soil, bring in your small succulent or cacti. We are using a succulent or cacti because this planter doesn’t offer drainage. Once your plant is in, top off with more soil.

All is explained in the video tutorial below!

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