4 Step DIY Phone Stand

Welcome back to the final episode of gift week! Today we are going to be making these super cute and customizable phone stands. These are seriously so easy to make but so useful for anyone you give them to!

This gift is great because pretty much everyone has a phone and most people either need a place to put their phone at the end of the day, or would love to prop it up while they talk to family or watch videos. You can bang these gifts out in less than an hour and customize for everyone in your family.


Start with a big piece of oven bake clay and roll it into a log. We threw it against the table to make the bottom flat. Get your anger out - this part is fun. Using a craft knife, I cut a strip out of the centre which will be the spot for my phone later. I used a popsicle stick to help carve a crevice in the centre that will hold the phone. Test this out and make sure it will fit your phone - or the gift receivers phone and not fall over.


Once you’ve removed the clay from the centre, you can start to shape your log. Including cutting off the ends and smoothing out any surfaces. We repeated these steps one more time, but for this second version we wanted it to be more square. We used a craft knife across the top, sides and each end. These will all go in the oven, but first we’re going to show you a different style of phone stand if you’re looking for something with a smaller base.

The second type of phone stand is based on creating a half sphere. Start again with a big piece of clay and form it into a ball. We cut the sphere in half to make two half spheres out of the one original ball. You can either make two stands or just add the one half to the rest of your leftover clay to use at another time. Cut out or press down your centre line again and use your phone to test the size. Once you’re happy with the way your phone sits in its stand you can smooth out all edges and throw them in the oven.


Be sure to follow the instructions on your clay package. We put our pieces in for about 20 minutes. When your phone stand is hard and you’ve left it to cool, you can start to think about how to design it. Again, the great thing about this DIY gift is that you can customize it depending on who you’re giving it to. I’m going to do a variety of patterns and styles to show you how adaptable this stand can be.

My first phone stand is going to be a hotdog. I used made the outside a bun and painted the centre as the hotdog. Finish with a bit of ketchup, mustard, and any other toppings you wish and that’s it!

I also made a face for something more fun. I used a bluey green and added some eyes, a mouth and lips to bring it all together.

For this circular stand I wanted to go for this sort of geometric patterned vibe. I picked a few colours that I felt complimented each other and went for it. It’s really up to you when you feel its done so add different shapes until you’re happy with it.

I’ve been really loving the terrazzo pattern lately so i thought I would incorporate it into a DIY gift idea. I started with a pale blue colour then added different shapes in a variety of colours. This is again, up to your interpretation so do as much or as little as you want.


That’s all we have for this year’s holiday gift week! If you liked this blog post, check out the video below for more!

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