When we hit up LA last month fellow YouTuber and Toronto lady Miss Shannon Boodram was all like “HEY, can we DIY these boots?” and we were all like, “HELL YEAH”. As you can see by the photo below, I think we nailed it.



Difficulty:  ✂

– leggings
– needle and thread
– fabric pencil


Shannon’s Christian Louboutin Cut-Out Thigh Highs

To create the affordable version of Shannon’s dream shoes we are starting with a pair of basic black leggings, these are from forever XXI for $5. We started with them inside out and folded in half with the inside seams touching. Cut through both legs just below the crotch seam OR just as tall as you’d like your “boots” to go. We then folded them in a way that the seam is on one side and the fold is on the other. We’re going to use a nude makeup pencil (because our fabric pencil was in Toronto – LOL). We spaced out 15 dots along the legging about an inch and a half apart. We then folded the legging where dot was and drew out half of this teardrop shape. Make sure there is still about ¾ of an inch from the edge (the folded side and sewn side). The pointy part of the tear drop should be facing the folded edge when the rounded end would be closer to the seam. Cut out the teardrop shape and when you open the fold you’ll find a teardrop shape, but just make sure you don’t make these cuts too large, go on the side of slits vs large tear drops. Repeat this all the way up the leg, folding at each dot. This is how our leggings looked after we made our cuts in both legs. To complete your look, slip these on with a pair of heels. Damn Shannon, looking fierce.

Becky’s Modest Garter Leggings

Our second pair of leggings are these everyday spin on garter stockings. We put on the leggings inside out and then did a rough drawing where we would want the cutouts to be. There would be one line connecting the front and one connecting the back. Once we took off our leggings we simply cut out the cut outs! Make sure you leave your connecting lines a little large than you would want them in the end because they will thin out when you put them on.

Kelsey’s Dancer Tie-Up Leggings

For our last pair we are doing this dancer inspired legging. We drew a mark ½  way down the shin. We then cutto the middle line we drew but didn’t go all the way through, leave about an inch gap on the back side of the leggings and a cut all the way through the front side of the leggings. Next cut your one inch line on a diagonal using the bottom of the legging fabric. Essentially we are going to use this fabric as tie details. Once you’ve cut a one inch sized piece, go ahead and cut through that piece long-ways to get two strands, stop cutting when you’ve reached the edge of the mid-way calf point where we made the first cut. Now you can put these bad-boys on, tie them up and you’re ready for any type of dance battle or just an adorable workout.

Check out the gorgeous sunset and these leggings in action in the video below!

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