Hi friends! While in LA we had the change to collab with the amazing Nastazsa (LagunaBeachLove10)! Today we’re showing you how you can upcycle 3 basic items you might already own into something super trendy! They’re all very inexpensive, very easy, and very quick DIYs you can totally do!

Cost: Potentially free if you already own the base items! If not, around $10 – $20 for each

Difficulty:  ✂


The Double Buckle Belt

This belt is everywhere all of a sudden! Made famous by Kendall Jenner, this belt is actually really easy to DIY, especially if you already own to similar belts! My only wish is that I had more western style belts to begin with but any belt will work!

– 2 matching belts

– scissors
– hot glue gun
– leather punch

Start with two matching or similar belts. Cut the first belt at the spot that would fit slightly less than half way around your waist.

Lay this on top of your second belt, but this time leave a few inches of overlap so we can glue them together. Cut this belt too. Next using some hot glue, super glue, or fabric glue, glue your shorter belt onto the inside of the longer belt. Now you should have a belt that fits almost all the way around your waist. To close up the belt, bring back the end of the belt we cut off. Buckle up one side of the belt to determine how tight it needs to be. Since this part probably won’t have enough holes, add in some extra holes with a leather punch.

With the new holes you can now buckle up the other side of the belt!

The Hole Punch Bag

We were inspired to recreate this bag from something similar we had seen on our trip to LA, especially because it’s so DIY able!

– Any plain bag, something made of a thicker vinyl will work better

– pen and paper
– leather punch

Start by writing out your word on a piece of paper the size of your bag. Make sure to space your letters out more than you usually would. With a maker, figure out the spacing of your holes. Start at the ends of the letters and intersecting points, add dots and then fill in the gaps where necessary.

Lay the template on top of your bag and use a pen to poke holes through the paper onto the bag.

Use a leather punch to punch out all of the holes!

The Choker Ripped Tee

This vintage tee upcycle is the perfect combo of the ripped tee look and the choker look, all in one!

– Graphic tee, starting with a higher neck shirt will work better

– Scissors
– Glue Gun
– Ruler and Marker

Start by cutting a deep V into the shirt. Use a ruler to make sure the lines are straight.

Cut out the deep V but make sure to not cut off the collar of the shirt. Flip your shirt inside out and then fold over and glue (or sew!) each side of the V to make sure it doesn’t fray.

For the step, we’re using the extra material we cut out of our V. Cut out 3 strips that fit the width of the V. Fold the edges over and glue them down to again stop any fraying. With your shirt inside out, glue the strips across the V to simulate that ripped, cut out, tee look.

Check out the full video below for more detailed steps!

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