Going out with your best friend, partner, or whole squad? These amazing, hilarious, and punny costumes are the best ideas this year! They can all be made with dollar store / thrift store items and take less than half an hour to make! There’s no excuse to not have a costume this year!


1. Hunter and Taxidermy

The hunter costume is a mix of all your favourite green and camo pieces. The taxidermy is made from cardboard cut out like a wooden plaque with a hole large enough to put your head through. Paint it to look like wood. The antlers are cut from craft foam and hot glued to a headband


2. Stranger Things Ouiji Board Wall

The “wall” is made from a wallpaper – looking thrifted shirt. Paint on the alphabet and then wrap yourself with Christmas lights. Bonus points for a battery operated string of lights for portability. Recreate your best Winona Ryder with similar clothes, messy hair, and an old school phone.

3. Trolls

Put together your best troll squad this year with nude clothing, foam coloured diamonds, and coloured wigs bunched up into to top knots.

4. Spice Girls

This classic punny group costume is made by painting your favourite spices onto pieces of bristol board and hanging around your neck with some string.

5. Sausage Party

Bring this years most hyped (we hope?) comedy to life by cutting out the character’s from Seth Rogan’s “Sausage Party”. Add on details with paint and markers and glue a glue a foam made headband to the back for party- approved sturdiness.

6. Dead Battery and No Wifi

What are the two scariest things to millennials this Halloween? A dead battery and no wifi of course! Cut these two designs out of foam, add on detail with a marker, and tape them to a black shirt. This is probably the simplest idea on this list but tops our list of most genius!

7. Daaaaaaamn Daniel!

Kill the game with your white vans and be back at it again with a winning costume! The key essentials to this costume are white sneakers, a red backpack, a chambray shirt, and a buddy to film and make you a viral sensation!

8. Snapchat Dog Filter

This costume is perfect for those of you who don’t like Halloween to interrupt their comfy sweats wearing game ( or your fav mini skirt, anything goes!) We recreated this snapchat filter IRL by cutting our ear shapes and noses out of foam and drawing on detail with a marker. Attach the ears to a headband and the nose with a small ball of tape and your snap-ready! Try out some stretchy clear string around the nose for a more durable solution

9. Basic B*tches

Upgrade your puppy filter to a punny play on the femme stereotype that gets so much love this time of year. (no hate, we love all things PSL too!)

10. Assault + Battery

The ultimate inpunny costumes comes in the form of a salt shaker and battery painted onto some bristol board. Really sell it with an added handcuff and some bruised eyes done with makeup. Get it, a salt and battery?!

11. Anything Pokemon Go!

Of course Pokemon Go has been one of this years biggest trends so it only makes sense to pull together an entire Pokemon squad will all of your friends! We have a separate video detailing how we made a trainer costume and several popular Pokemon all on a budget! Check it out here:

12. Hawaiian Punch

Two good things come together to make something great! Have you and your partner dress up as a boxer and a hula dancer to for the ultimate party drink, Hawaiian Punch!

13. Miss Philippines and Miss Columbia

Recreate one of this years biggest mess ups by dressing up as the winner, and almost winner, of the Miss Universe Pageant. All you need are two ball gowns (if you’re Canadian, you can rent some here!) and a plastic crown to fight over. You and your friend can decide who wins 😉 Bonus points for a third Steve Harvey costume to announce things wrong all night!

14. Dad Bod and Chewbacca Mom

Bring everyone’s favourite internet celeb parents to life with a dad bod costume and a Chewbacca Mom costume. For the Dad Bod, gather your slightly unflattering, slightly oversized, dad clothes. An optional add on would be a “dad bod” sign to really make it obvious. For Chewbacca Mom, add a classic star wars shirt, some mom jeans, and a print out of the Chewbacca mask linked here. Tie some string around the mask to keep it on! Don’t forget your most outrageous mom laugh to complement the mask.

15. Dori and Nemo

A simple idea is to bring to life the characters from the recent Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory. Start with blue and orange dresses found from a thrift store and hot glue on various shapes of foam and felt to replicate the fish!

16. Rey and BB-8

Okay so this Rey costume might not be entirely “last minute” (check out the full tutorial below) but this BB-8 costume definitely is! Starting with a white dress, glue on some orange stripes, orange circles, and a black dot. The hat was made from a half circle Styrofoam ball. Add on more strips of orange felt and create the antennas with two straws painted grey!

Oh hey! Make sure to check out the video of this blog post. Trust us, you’ll love it!

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